Thumbs Up for Airfare Secrets Revealed (2nd Edition)

Airfare Secrets Revealed

I just finished reading the updated (2nd Edition) of "Airfare Secrets Revealed" (Tom Rhoades) and thought I'd share my opinion here on Travel Blog Widgets.

My first reaction, interestingly enough, was not about the text but rather all of the included bonuses. When you purchase Airfare Secrets Revealed, you not only get the book but you also get a boatload of very nice freebies. For example:

Last Minute Traveller - FREE!
Holiday Plus! Software - FREE!
Party Travel - FREE!
How to Be an Air Courier - FREE!
Taking the Perfect Camera Shot - FREE!
Budget Travel Guide - FREE!
How to Budget a Family Vacation - FREE!
7 Language Phrase Books - FREE!
and a promise of Lifetime Updates for Fly Cheap! - FREE!

All of the freebies will be useful, but I especially liked the butget guides for family travel and family vacations. These two guides are so useful, in fact, that I have already transferred them both to my travel laptop! I had forgotten that the eBook came with all of this other stuff and was VERY pleasantly surprised.

As for the Airfare Secrets Revealed eBook, I'm in the travel business and was familiar with many of the techniques. I did however get two very novel and new techniques that blew me away. These are techniques that the novice traveler can use but they can also be utilized by pros in the travel industry. For the everyday traveler, I thought the book was well written and would definitely make good on it's promise to deliver airfare savings strategies.

The fact is, airlines are filling up the seats faster than ever and most of the travel sites are acting as brokers to help them. Whether you book your airfare through a third-party site or you book it directly through the airline, the more upcharge you spend on your airfare, the more money they make. The objective of this eBook is to ensure that you get the absolute best price on airfare that you possibly can!

According to the author,

"Airfare Secrets Revealed is guaranteed to save you significant money on your next flight - and every flight you book from this day on!"
I'd suggest you check out the eBook and all of the accompanying freebies by visiting the author's website:

"Airfare Secrets Revealed" Website.
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